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12 gen alle 17:20
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Social media managaer

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aqua consulting srl

Dati Principali
  • Tipo di contrattoTempo indeterminato
  • SettoreMarketing - Comunicazione
  • Orario di LavoroAltro
  • Titolo di studioDiploma di Maturita'
  • LivelloImpiegato


We are a newborn company branch, which will take care of following projects in the digital marketing field. The aim of this company is to transform what is "traditional" online marketing (without any kind of measurement or result) into real performance marketing. In fact we will mainly devote ourselves to the development of strategies related to the ecommerce world or courses launches and so on. We need to include a figure in our team for a long-term relationship. Initially this figure will have to take care, during the traditional phase, of managing the projects still active with old customers. To then acquire the skills useful for the management of more advanced projects in a second phase. Obviously it will be our competence and care to provide these skills through in-company training or external courses. To conclude at this stage we're looking for a social media specialist to manage social media channels and keep audience engaged. The channels to be managed currently are small and medium-sized local businesses. A fundamental requirement is the knowledge of both written and spoken Italian. - Experience with social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin - Familiarity with: Photoshop or Canva, Customer Relationship, Editorial Plan Manager Share a brief summary of relevant experience in your proposal.

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aqua consulting srl

Social media managaer

ID: 368616699